Finding Peace in Pain

Ask anyone how they are doing and you will usually get the token responses “I’m good” or “I’m doing well” or any other plethora of generic answers. But if everyone was honest many of those folks would admit that they are dealing with pain in their lives. You see, pain is inevitable in life. We all deal with it at some point; even those who seem to have it all together. In fact, find the most successful person you can and ask them their story. Odds are that you will find that the catalyst of their success was rooted in pain of some sort.

Pain is not uncommon. So if the catalyst of success in so many people has been pain then why are there not more successful people? After all, there is certainly enough pain to go around.

The secret to success is not in what pain you deal with or even how much pain you deal with; It is in HOW you deal with it.

Do you let pain stop you? Do you let fear of pain hold you back? Do you become angry and bitter? Do you sit and wallow?


Do you accept that while pain can be a warning to stop pain can also sometimes be an indicator of growth? Do you give up and allow yourself to be overcome or do you push back and realize your potential? Do you prepare for success or failure?

Pain happens to everyone at some point in life, but pain does not have to spell defeat. Approached with determination for success pain can become the catalyst success whether that success is in your diet and physical fitness or your emotional and mental fitness.

Do you want to get fit? Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle? Don’t let fear of pain hold you back. Don’t let fear of the struggle stop you. Accept that pain is sometimes inevitable but that you will get through it and you will begin to find peace in it. Accept that to grow you may experience momentary pains. Once you accept this you can prepare to SUCCEED!